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POP! Outreach 

Our passion for supporting children extends to children in homes, in conflict with the law, in shelters and with underserved communities. We have one on one therapy sessions as well as Group work under our Inner Hum Project. To ensure that the support structures around the children are cohesive and  systematic with a clear routine we work with their social workers, guardians and care workers as well.  

Hide and Seek

The Inner Hum Project : Workshops, Training & Community Outreach

Our workshops and training are created specifically for different audiences and community segments; in particular children, young adults, educators, schools who wish to be trauma- informed and social workers. It fosters emotional exploration, co-regulation, and understanding of inner hum. 

In all the workshops and training we cover:

  1. Cognitive and experiential learning - a blend of theory and hands-on practice to help participants understand emotional regulation from both a top-down cognitive perspective and a bottom-up bodily experience. We've coined this concept as "Finding Your Inner Hum.”.

  2. Emotional exploration - We address triggers, perceptions, and how they influence thoughts and behaviors. Participants gain an insight into the connections between their emotional experiences and their actions.

  3. Co- Regulation - The ability to regulate emotions for healthy relationships and personal well-being. Our programs equip participants with co-regulation skills, enhancing their capacity to connect with and support others.

Workshops and Trainings: 

Child-centered. Warm and friendly relationship. Accepts child "as-is". Establishes a feeling of permissiveness. Reflecting back so that the child gains insight. Child is responsible to make choices. Child leads. Does not hurry the child. Few limitations.

Special Time

Child attend 45  minutes x 12 sessions weekly at the same time and day in a therapeutic playroom. This room has modalities such as sand, art, puppetry and other tools. The child's inner world is revealed by interacting in a shared, trusted and safe environment. And through  what is natural to them, play.

Winged Child

The child becomes more responsible for behaviours. Learns to experience and express emotions. Develops confidence about his / her abilities. Develops new and creative solutions to problems. Develops respect and acceptance of self and others.

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