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Madeleine Yong 

Madeleine Yong is the founder of Protect and Save
the Children (P.S The Children). For over 20
purpose driven years, I advocated for child
protection issues and led the organization in
supporting thousands of children and adults through
preventive work and intervention support to move
forward from their past traumas and daily fears of
child sexual abuse. I was a passionate trainer and
speaker of prevention of child sexual abuse who
trained adults in Thailand, China, Vietnam,
Philippines and Korea. I designed the Keeping Me
Safe personal safety curriculum, initiated new child protection programs and
projects, as well as, supervised case management work, practiced clinical therapeutic
play for children aged 4 – 12 years and expressive therapy with at risk children in
shelter homes, communities and schools.
Due to years of listening to abused stories and seeing the dysfunction in the pit of
society, there was a huge void in breaking the cycle of intergenerational abuse and a
blinding need for a delicate fabric of healing and therapeutic support to be offered to
all children. Thus, my curiosity for healing and learning effective therapeutic tools has
taken me around the world from South America, Europe to Asia, as student as well
as a practitioner, under-studyied from numerous outstanding play therapists.
I found play therapy in my journey believing that children hold their own keys to
healing by becoming visible and valued to themselves. My holding of the therapeutic
space comes from the mantra of “I see you, I hear you, I accept you, I empathize, I
care.” This offers children the courage to explore and master the self during
therapeutic play. As Vygotsky so beautifully puts it, “A child’s play is not simply a
reproduction of what he has expereinced, but a creative reworking of the
impressions he has acquired.”
Madeleine is the recipient of the 2006 Play Therapy International award for her
contribution of play therapy initiatives in Malaysia. Currently, I am the co-creator of
POP! (Power of Play), an integrative therapeutic play practitioner offering individual
and group sessions to children.
My diverse background in Advertising, Montessori Early Childhood Care and
Education and Play Therapy has assisted me in bringing about change for the best
interest of children and insights that are tailored to each specific client’s needs,
regardless of their age. I am a member of Play Therapy International (PTi).

Quek Sue Yian 

Sue Yian believes that every child should have the ability to be in charge of their own self - expression. Following this she is one of the founders of Anyaman Preschools, a reggio - inspired school that values play as the keystone of childhood development. She is also a founding partner at The Surin Academy, a small inclusive school that values personalised education deliveries. 

Moving from schools to individuals she started her journey on child therapy with a 

 a diploma in Child Psychology and Learning Disorders. She also holds an MSC from the University of Birmingham for Poverty Alleviation and Development  and has been working with at - risk communities for over 15 years through her role as Executive Director of the Hong Leong Foundation.

A lover of children's books that support emotional well - being in 2014 

 she received the White Raven Award in 2014 for her book on refugees and is hoping through her journey on child therapy to grow into writing personalised therapeutic story for children. She believes that children have the ability to heal by becoming visible to themselves through stories, play and an understanding of their own subconscious processes. 

 She offers individual therapeutic play sessions for children and is also a member of Play Therapy International.