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The Inner Hum -
A Psychosocial Project 


The Inner Hum Project 

Identify Acknowledge and Regulate Emotions -
A social emotional programme to build the resilience of children


There are several components to the Inner Hum Project and though aimed primarily at children, adults can benefit from many of the programmes. 

The adult workshops are suitable for all who work with children from parents, teachers, social workers and other forms of carers and involve parenting, co – regulation workshops, exploration of one’s inner child, theory as well as practical exercise.

We can personalise trainings and workshops for you, your schools, community, NGO etc.

The Goo Workshop 

This workshop is run in two parts with The Goo storyline as the main platform. The workshop generally runs up to between 10 to 15 hours depending on the audience. Each run of the workshop is specifically crafted for differing audience of both ages and cross – sections of our communities.  The primary aim of this workshop is to allow groups of individuals exploration of their emotions and to begin the journey of understanding co – regulation and working with nervous systems. To help adults and children understand their inner hum so to speak.


Part 1 - An Introduction to Emotions

Part 2 - Application of Regulation Techniques 

The Goo Picture Book 

This simple picture is aimed towards parents and children to help guide the gaining of emotional literacy skills in your own homes. 

Dealing With Specific Issues 

The Goo Workshop covers a spectrum of emotions. These series of videos, programmes, and articles help deal with different specific emotions. 

Working Outdoors 

"It’s a wondrous thing how the wild calms the child.”

The Goo Workshop is adaptable to the outdoors and we plan several more nature programmes coming soon in the near future. 

Who Could Benefit from The Inner Hum Work Shop 


We are for all children experiencing dysregulation related to social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties including problems related to life stressors such as divorce, relocation, hospitalisation, chronic illness, abuse, anxiety, school issues etc.


What is the Goo Storybook?

In the Goo, we follow the story of Pod, the central protagonist who while trying to make sense of the world helps those around him to see emotions as friends and to have the courage to be themselves.


Play Therapy


The Inner Hum Programme



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