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Allowing Children to Express their  Inner world through play therapy 

Play is a child's natural medium of expression. Play therapy offers children a chance to "play - out" their feelings and difficulties in a natural and familiar manner. The therapeutic play offers children mastery over their emotions and this is where we begin to see shifts in a child's behaviour. We are not here to "fix" any problems but to make the child more visible to him / her self and in doing so  the child will feel heard and seen. Growth is optimal in play when a feeling of permissiveness is present in a trusted, safe relationship. 

1. Identify 

We identify the issues; it can be anxiety, anger, abused, bullied, depression, grief, attention deficit disorders or who are on the autism spectrum, having school struggles and more 

2. Approach 

.Warm and friendly relationship. Accepts child "as-is". Establishes a feeling of permissiveness. Reflecting back so that the child gains insight. Child is responsible to make choices. Child leads. Does not hurry the child. Few limitations. 

3. Special Time 

Child attend 45  minutes x 12 sessions weekly at the same time and day in a therapeutic playroom. This room has modalities such as sand, art, puppetry and other tools. The child's inner world is revealed by interacting in a shared, trusted and safe environment. And through  what is natural to them, Play 

4. Winged Child 

The child becomes more responsible for behaviours. Learns to experience and express emotions. Develops confidence about his / her abilities. Develops new and creative solutions to problems. Develops respect and acceptance of self and others 

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